Shotts – United Kingdom

  • 154 Station Rd, Nor, Shotts ML7 4BA
  • 92 Station Rd, Shotts ML7 4BJ
  • 33 Knoll Croft Rd, Shotts ML7 5JF
  • 128 Main St, Salsburgh, Shotts ML7 4LR



Geographically, Shotts can be located in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Situated around 27 kilometers (or 17 miles) between Glasgow and Edinburgh, it serves as a convenient midpoint between the two cities (26 miles or 42 kilometres). Almost 8,840 people call this small-town home. Shotts is said to be named after the enormous highwayman Bertram de Shotts, according to local tradition, however toponymists point to the Anglo-Saxon word scots (“steep slopes”) as the true origin of the name. Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band won the world championship for best pipe band in 2015.

Shotts, North Lanarkshire, is located between Wishaw and Harthill, to the south of the M8. Shotts Iron Works was located between Calderhead, where the South Calder River originated, and Stane. During the 18th and 19th centuries, as a result of the mining boom, the five villages that now make up Shotts parish grew and merged around the old coach roads connecting Glasgow and Edinburgh. These villages were called Dykehead, Calderside, Stane, Springhill, and Torbothie.

Hotels in Shotts

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