Tipton – United Kingdom

  • 501 New Birmingham Rd, Dudley, Tipton DY1 4SB
  • 7 Dudley Port, Birmingham, Tipton DY4 7PR
  • 3 Owen St, Tipton DY4 8EZ
  • 53 Great Bridge, Tipton DY4 7HF
  • 178 Horseley Heath, Tipton DY4 7DS
  • 198 Dudley Port, Tipton DY4 7RG
  • Brickhouse Lane, Tipton DY4 7HW
  • 68-70 Owen St, Tipton DY4 8EZ
  • Wednesbury Oak Road, Tipton DY4 0BP
  • 89-91 Great Bridge Rd, Tipton DY4 7EW
  • 83-85 Owen St, Tipton DY4 8ET
  • 82-83 Owen St, Tipton DY4 8ET
  • 9 St. Paul’s Rd, Tipton DY4 0PD
  • 184 Great Bridge St, Tipton DY4 7EF
  • Gospel Oak Rd, Tipton DY4 0UF
  • 2 Dudley Port, Tipton DY4 7PR
  • Black Country New Road, Tipton DY4 0EN
  • Great Bridge Rd, Tipton DY4 7EW
  • 32A Owen St, Tipton DY4 8EX
  • 60 Great Bridge St, Tipton DY4 7EW


About Tipton

According to the 2011 UK Census, the population of Tipton, an industrial town in England’s West Midlands, was 38,777. Distance from Birmingham is 16 km (9.9 mi).

Tipton used to be a major industrial hub in the Black Country, employing tens of thousands of people at its peak. Since the 1970s, when factories first started leaving, it has become primarily a commuter town for those who still live there but commute elsewhere for employment.

Once a part of Staffordshire, the municipality is now a part of Sandwell. It is situated close to the other municipalities of Sandwell, including Dudley, Wednesbury, Moxley, Darlaston, and Bilston. It also serves as a connecting point between Wolverhampton and Birmingham. Tipton Green, Ocker Hill, Dudley Port, Horseley Heath, and Great Bridge are all included as well.

Before its transformation as a municipal borough in 1938, Tipton was an urban district. Parts of the old Borough of Tipton were taken by an enlarged Dudley Borough and the newly constituted County Borough of Warley, while the rest were moved to West Bromwich County Borough. In 1974, Tipton and the rest of West Bromwich and Warley were included into the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough, where they have remained ever since.

Hotels in Tipton

  1. West Midlands Stays – Tipton, Central Townhouse – Address: 124 Hurst Ln, Tipton DY4 9AT, United Kingdom
  1. Bellway House Villa РTipton  РAddress: 52 Dudley Road, Tipton, United Kingdom, DY4 8EB

Colleges and Universities in Tipton

  1. Sandwell Adult Education Service

Address: Tipton College, Alexandra Road, Tipton, West Midlands England, DY4 7NR

  1. St. Paul S Community Centre

Address: Brick Kiln St, Tipton, West Midlands England, DY4 9BP

  1. Gospel Oak School

Address: Bilston Road, Gospel Oak, Tipton, DY4 0BZ