Ringwood – United Kingdom

  • 1 Ringwood Rd, Burley, Ringwood BH24 4BS
  • 1 Ringwood Rd, Burley, Ringwood BH24 4BS
  • 2 Star Ln, Ringwood BH24 1AL
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About Ringwood

Located northeast of Bournemouth and southwest of Southampton, Ringwood is a market town in south-west Hampshire, England, on the River Avon not far from the New Forest. It was established by the Anglo-Saxons, and ever since the Medieval Ages, it has played host to a weekly market.

A charter from 961 shows that King Edgar granted 22 hides of land in Ringwood, Rimecuda, to Abingdon Abbey.

Runcwuda and Rimucwuda are alternative spellings of the name from the 10th century

Wood (Wuda) is the second element; Rimuc (which may be derived from Rima, meaning “boundary”) is the result.

Ringwood’s location on the outskirts of the New Forest and the county of Hampshire may have inspired the town’s unusual moniker. William Camden, writing in 1607, provided a considerably more fantastical etymology, saying that the name derives from the Old English regne-wood, with the Regni being an ancient people of Britain.

All except six hides from the village of Ringwood (Rincvede) were transferred to the New Forest by the Crown in 1086, as recorded in the Domesday Book.

Earl Tostig had ruled over Ringwood prior to 1066, as shown in.

Hotels in Ringwood

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Address: Ringwood Rd, Brimington, Chesterfield S43 1DQ, United Kingdom

  1. St Leonards Hotel

Address:  185 Ringwood Rd, St Leonards, Ringwood BH24 2NR, United Kingdom

  1. The Star Inn

Address: Star Inn, 12 Market Pl, Ringwood BH24 1AW, United Kingdom

  1. High Corner Inn

Address:  Linwood, Ringwood BH24 3QY, United Kingdom

  1. Burley Manor

Address: 1 Ringwood Rd, Burley, Ringwood BH24 4BS, United Kingdom

  1. Lamb Inn

Address: Lamb Inn, 2 Hightown Rd, Ringwood BH24 1NW, United Kingdom

Universities in Ringwood

  1. Universities of the Third Age

Address: 43 Christchurch Rd, Ringwood BH24 1DW, United Kingdom

  1. Institute of Commercial Management

Address:  Ringwood BH24 3FA, United Kingdom