Ferndale – United Kingdom

  • 2 Llewellyn St, Pontygwaith, Ferndale CF43 3LE
  • 58 Maerdy Rd, Maerdy, Ferndale CF43 4AE
  • 67 Llewellyn St, Pontygwaith, Ferndale CF43 3LF
  • 17 East Rd, Tylorstown, Ferndale CF43 3HF
  • 43 High St, Ferndale CF43 4RH
  • 19 East Rd, Tylorstown, Ferndale CF43 3HF
  • 50 High St, Ferndale CF43 4RH
  • 35 High St, Ferndale CF43 4RH
  • 48 High St, Ferndale CF43 4RH
  • 74 High St, Ferndale CF43 4RR
  • 50 High St, Ferndale CF43 4RH
  • 12 Duffryn St, Ferndale CF43 4ES
  • 62 Duffryn St, Ferndale CF43 4EW
  • 39 Commercial St, Ferndale CF43 4NN
  • 5 the, Strand, Ferndale CF43 4LY


About Ferndale

In the Rhondda Valley, in the county borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales, lies a town and settlement known as Ferndale (Welsh: Glynrhedynog). Blaenllechau, Maerdy, and Tylorstown are nearby villages. At the middle of the nineteenth century, Ferndale began its transition to an industrial economy. A coal mine shaft was dug in the Rhondda Valley for the first time in 1857, and the town that grew up around it became the first to be heavily industrialized in the region.

In Welsh, the name for Ferndale is Glynrhedynog, which comes from the name of one of the original farms on which the community was established. Glynrhedynog’s original name, Trerhondda, was taken from the first major chapel to be constructed there. Bethesda, Beulah, and Horeb are examples of Welsh village names that reference local chapels, however neither Glynrhedynog nor Trerhondda were to be used for very long. Coal from the Glynrhedynog pits was sold as Ferndale coal, a far more approachable name for English purchasers, because the name is derived from the Welsh words for “valley” and “ferny,” respectively.

Two county council members were elected to represent Ferndale on the Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council, whose boundaries coincided with those of the electoral ward that included the community. With the exception of a Plaid Cymru councillor from 1999 to 2004 and an Independent councillor from 2012 to 2017, the Labour Party has held a majority in representation in this ward since 1995. At the council elections held in May of 2017, both Labour and Plaid Cymru were successful in electing a representative.

Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales plans to merge Ferndale with neighboring Maerdy in 2018 after reviewing current electoral arrangements. After the upcoming council elections in 2022, the changes would go into effect.  A total of two county borough council members would be chosen to represent the “Ferndale and Maerdy” ward.

Hotels in Ferndale

  1. Llechwen Hall Hotel

Address: Llanfabon, Nelson CF37 4HP

  1. The Blueberry Hotel

Address: 6 Market Street, Pontypridd CF37 2ST

  1. The Cardiff Arms

Address: 41 Bute Street, Treorky CF42 6BS

  1. Cardiff Arms Bistro Bar Hotel

Address: Bute Street, Treorchy CF42 6BS

  1. Falcon Inn

Address: 1 Incline Row, Aberdare CF44 6LU