Ballater – United Kingdom

  • 5 Bridge Square, Ballater AB35 5QP
  • 56 Braemar Rd, Ballater AB35 5UX
  • 2 Church Sq, Ballater AB35 5NE
  • 35 Bridge St, Ballater AB35 5QD


About Ballater

The village of Ballater sits on the banks of the River Dee in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to the east of the Cairngorm Mountains. Ballater, located at an elevation of 213 meters (699 feet), is a popular hiking destination and is renowned for its spring water, which was rumored to have cured scrofula in the past. More than 1,400 people call this place home, and it has deep ties to the British royal family.

The ancient trackways across the Grampian Mountains shaped the medieval pattern of development along this stretch of the River Dee by determining the optimal placement of castles and other Deeside communities of the time.

The area was owned by the Knights of St. John beginning in the 14th century, but the town itself didn’t spring up until the 1770s. At first, it served as a spa resort for those who came to see the Pannanich Mineral Well, and after the arrival of the railroad in 1866, it became a popular tourist destination. Across from the train station are the Victoria and Albert Halls, which were finished in 1895.

Hotels in Ballater

  1. Ballater hotel

Address: Bridge Square, Ballater AB35 5QJ, United Kingdom

  1. Balmoral Arms

Address: 13-15 Victoria Rd, Ballater AB35 5RA, United Kingdom

  1. Hilton Grand

Address: Braemar Rd, Ballater AB35 5XA, United Kingdom

  1. Darroch Learg Hotel & Restaurant

Address: 56 Braemar Rd, Ballater AB35 5UX, United Kingdom

  1. Gordon Guest House

Address: Station Square, Ballater AB35 5QB, United Kingdom

  1. Green Inn rooms

Address: 9 Victoria Rd, Ballater AB35 5QQ, United Kingdom

  1. Cambus O’May Hotel

Address: Cambus O May Hotel, Ballater AB35 5SE, United Kingdom

  1. No. 45, Ballater

Address: 45 Braemar Rd, Ballater AB35 5RQ, United Kingdom

  1. Alexandra hotel

Address: 12 Bridge Square, Ballater AB35 5QJ, United Kingdom

  1. Howe of Torbeg

Address: Glen Gairn, Torbeg, Ballater AB35 5XL, United Kingdom