Melrose – United Kingdom

  • 14 High St, Melrose TD6 9PA
  • 26 Bullwood Rd, St Boswells, Melrose TD6 5WT
  • 6 Buccleuch St, Melrose TD6 9LD
  • 23 Main St, St Boswells, Melrose TD6 0AT
  • 17 Market Square, Melrose TD6 9PL


About Melrose

Melrose, or Maolros in Scottish Gaelic, is a tiny town and civil parish in the county of Roxburghshire in the Scottish Borders. It is part of the Scottish Borders Council’s Eildon committee area.

Historically, Melrose was known as Mailros, which translates to “the barren peninsula” in Old Welsh or Brythonic [citation needed]. This was a reference to a stretch of land along the Tweed River a fair distance east of the modern city, where a monastery dedicated to St. Cuthbert was established in the sixth century. Bede wrote about it, and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle mentions it under the name Magilros. By the 12th century, the abbey and surrounding settlement known as “Old Melrose” had been abandoned.

After ascending the throne in 1124, King David I of Scotland wanted to build a new Cistercian monastery there, but the monks had their sights set on a location to the west they dubbed “Fordel.” In 1136, the area was home to the founding of the monastery that would later become Melrose Abbey. Named after a mason’s hammer, or mell, and a rose, its symbolism dates back to the late Middle Ages.

Hotels in Melrose

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Address: Market Square, Melrose TD6 9PL, United Kingdom

  1. Waverley Castle Hotel

Address: Waverley Rd, Melrose TD6 9AA, United Kingdom

  1. George & Abottsford Hotel

Address: High St, Melrose TD6 9PD, United Kingdom

  1. The Kings Arms Hotel

Address:  High St, Melrose TD6 9PB, United Kingdom

  1. Station Hotel & Restaurant

Address:  26 Market Square, Melrose TD6 9PT, United Kingdom

  1. Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Address: Dryburgh Abbey Hotel, St Boswells, Melrose TD6 0RQ, United Kingdom

  1. Waverley Castle Hotel

Address: Skirmish Hill, Waverley Rd, Melrose TD6 9AA, United Kingdom

  1. Buccleuch Arms

Address: The Green, St Boswells, Melrose TD6 0EW, United Kingdom