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About Eyemouth

Located in Berwickshire in the region known as the Scottish Borders, Eyemouth (Scottish: Heymooth) is both a town and a civil parish. It is eight miles (thirteen kilometers) north of Berwick-upon-Tweed and three miles (five kilometers) east of the important north-south A1 route.

Being at the mouth of the Eye Water river inspired the town’s moniker. There are beautiful sandy bays and harbors along the Berwickshire coast, which is surrounded by towering cliffs and crystal-clear sea. Eyemouth is a fishing port that celebrates the annual Herring Queen. The Gunsgreen House and the graveyard watch-house were both constructed to protect the town’s dead from the Resurrectionists (body snatchers). The winding lanes and “vennels” typical of fishing villages have been preserved. [quote missing]

Many Berwickshire hamlets may be reached from Eyemouth, including Ayton, Reston, St. Abbs, Coldingham, and Burnmouth.

You may go birdwatching, strolling, fishing, and diving along the coast. Several hotels, inns, and even a campground are available for overnight stays.

The town is easily accessible from Edinburgh thanks to its location on the A1, the primary route between Edinburgh and Newcastle.

Before its closure in 1962, Eyemouth had a train station. Reston Train Station is the closest one. Both Borders Buses route 253 and Travelsure route 34 are available.

Eyemouth Public School, located on Albert Road, was designed by architect William Gray Junior and constructed in 1876.

The city is home to an institute for advanced study and training. Full-time courses in further and higher education are available at Borders College and Heriot-Watt University’s textiles campus in Galashiels, both of which are located within eight miles (13 km) of Northumberland College in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Hotels in Eyemouth

  1. Eye Sleep Over

Address: Toll Bridge Road, Eyemouth TD14 5GN, United Kingdom

  1. Home Arms

Address:  High St, Eyemouth TD14 5EY, United Kingdom

  1. Cutty Sark Inn

Address: North St, Eyemouth TD14 5ES, United Kingdom