Haverfordwest – United Kingdom

  • 1 High St, St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6SA
  • 56 Llanrhian Rd, Porthgain, Haverfordwest SA62 5BN
  • 3 Haverfordwest Rd, Letterston, Haverfordwest SA62 5SB
  • 11 Hill St, Haverfordwest SA61 1QQ
  • 20 Nun St, St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6NT
  • 35 Main St, Solva, Haverfordwest SA62 6UT
  • 20 Main St, Solva, Haverfordwest SA62 6UU
  • 12 Quay St, Haverfordwest SA61 1BG
  • 31 Haverfordwest Rd, Letterston, Haverfordwest SA62 5UA
  • 3 High St, Haverfordwest SA61 2BW
  • 31 Haverfordwest Rd, Letterston, Haverfordwest SA62 5UA
  • 3 Cawdor Terrace, Wiston, Haverfordwest SA62 4PN


About Haverfordwest

The town of Haverfordwest is the county town of Pembrokeshire, Wales, and the most populated urban area in Pembrokeshire, with a population of 14,596 as of 2011. After Milford Haven, it is the county’s second most populous community with 12,042 residents. Prendergast, Albert Town, and Withybush, both residential and industrial, are all part of the suburbs (housing, retail parks, hospital, airport and showground).

Haverfordwest’s location is advantageous since, before the Cleddau Bridge was built in 1975, it served as the lowest bridging point across the Western Cleddau.

According to the Old English haefer, the name of the town refers to a ford that was frequently frequented by heifers and goats. It’s pronounced “Harford” in the regional tongue. To differentiate it from Hereford, the “West” was inserted in the 15th century.

There has been a strong English-speaking community in Haverfordwest for hundreds of years. Notwithstanding South Pembrokeshire’s reputation as “Little England Beyond Wales,” the area has always had a substantial Welsh-speaking presence due to market trades with farmers in the county’s northern and eastern regions. Dating back to the time when all agricultural trade had to pass through the borough and the terrified Normans strove to keep Welshmen armed to the teeth from getting within the castle walls after dark, Prendergast appears to have begun as an extramural Welsh dormitory.

Hotels in Haverfordwest

  1. Premier Inn Haverfordwest

Address: Glanafon Farm House, Fishguard Rd, Haverfordwest SA62 4BQ, United Kingdom

  1. Hotel Mariners

Address: Mariners Square, Haverfordwest SA61 2DU, United Kingdom

  1. County Hotel

Address: Salutation Square, Haverfordwest SA61 2NB, United Kingdom

  1. Castle Hotel Haverfordwest

Address: Castle Square, Haverfordwest SA61 2AA, United Kingdom

  1. 8a Spring Gardens

Address:  Spring Gardens Ln, Haverfordwest SA61 2EJ, United Kingdom

Universities in Haverfordwest

  1. Pembrokeshire College

Address: Merlin’s Bridge, Haverfordwest SA61 1SZ, United Kingdom