Henlow – United Kingdom

  • 20 Bedford Rd, Lower Stondon, Henlow SG16 6EA
  • 251 Hitchin Rd, Henlow SG16 6DP
  • 253 Hitchin Rd, Henlow Camp, Henlow SG16 6DP
  • 35 Long Cl, Station Rd, Lower Stondon, Henlow SG16 6JS


About Henlow

Situated about 11 miles (nearly 18 km) south-east of Bedford, the county town of Bedfordshire, England, Henlow is both a village and a civil parish in the Central Bedfordshire district. Others have speculated that “hill of birds” or “hill frequented by birds” was the original meaning of the name Henlow, which they believe to be derived from the old English henna hlaw.

A total of 2,253 people called the hamlet home in 2011, with an additional 3,815 calling the parish home.

The Domesday Book makes note of the village of Henlow, though it does so with some degree of disagreement. Herfast from Nigel d’Aubigny, Hugh from Walter of Flanders, Widder and Bernard from Azelina, Ralph Tailbois’ wife (Hugh de Beauchamp claims from her, saying it was never in her dowry); Alric, 2 mills.

RAF Henlow and the portion of Henlow Camp east of the A600 road are both part of the parish. Despite the name, RAF Henlow is actually closer to the town of Stondon than it is to Henlow itself.  A small civilian community known as Henlow Camp has developed next to the RAF base.

In Henlow, you’ll find the health farm Henlow Grange, which is affiliated with the Champneys brand. St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church is a Grade I listed structure with a history dating back to the 12th century.

Hotels in Henlow

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Address: Coach Rd, Henlow SG16 6BT, United Kingdom

  1. Bird in hand

Address: Bedford Rd, Lower Stondon, Henlow SG16 6DZ, United Kingdom

  1. Poplars Farm B&B

Address: 1 Clifton Rd, Henlow SG16 6BH, United Kingdom

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Address: 32 Oak Dr, Henlow SG16 6BX, United Kingdom