Stalybridge – United Kingdom

  • 20 Grosvenor St, Stalybridge SK15 2JN
  • 97 Stamford St, Stalybridge SK15 1LH
  • 69 Market St, Cheshire, Stalybridge SK15 2AA
  • 71 Mottram Rd, Stalybridge SK15 2HP
  • 17 Stamford St, Stalybridge SK15 1JP
  • 54 Back Grosvenor St, Stalybridge SK15 2BR
  • 89 Mottram Rd, Stalybridge SK15 2QS
  • 10 Corporation St, Stalybridge SK15 2JL
  • 150 High St, Stalybridge SK15 1TN
  • 60 High St, Stalybridge SK15 1SE
  • 13 Armentieres Square, Stalybridge SK15 2BR
  • 33 Oxford St, Stalybridge SK15 2NX
  • 39 Acres Ln, Stalybridge SK15 2JR
  • 1 Trinity St, Stalybridge SK15 2PW
  • 85 Mottram Rd, Stalybridge SK15 2QS
  • 45 Market St, Stalybridge SK15 2AA
  • 67 Market St, Stalybridge SK15 2AA
  • 58 High St, Stalybridge SK15 1SE
  • 55 Market St, cheshire, Stalybridge SK15 2AA


About Stalybridge

The population of Stalybridge in Tameside, Greater Manchester, England, in 2011 was 23,731. Location: 8 miles (12.9 km) east of Manchester city center and 6 miles (9.7 km) north-west of Glossop; Cheshire and Lancashire were once at war over this territory.

Stalybridge was one of the earliest centres of textile industry during the Industrial Revolution after the construction of a water-powered cotton mill in 1776. An area of scattered farms and homesteads became a confident city thanks to the wealth generated by the factory-based cotton industry in the 19th century.

A flint scraper from the late Neolithic/early Bronze Age is the oldest artifact found in Stalybridge. The cairns of Stalybridge offer further evidence of human habitation in the area’s distant past. The distance between the two structures on top of Hollingworthall Moor is 153 yards (140 meters). It is believed that one of the circular cairns is the best-preserved Bronze Age monument in Tameside, and as such is a protected scheduled monument. Stalybridge is believed to have been on a spur of the Roman road that connected Manchester (Mamucium) and Melandra Castle (Ardotalia) with the fort of Castleshaw.

Lords of the manor in medieval times were known as de Stavelegh, which morphed into Stayley or Staley. Stalybridge was a part of the lordship of Longdendale, which was a feudal estate in the county of Cheshire. One of the earls of Chester is thought to have constructed Buckton Castle, which is located not far from Stalybridge in the 12th century. During the years 1162 and 1186, the Lord of Chester nominated William de Neville as the first lord of Longdendale. Staley manor was first attested between 1211 and 1225; other manors in the lordship of Longdendale were Godley, Hattersley, Hollingworth, Matley, Mottram, Newton, Tintwistle, and Werneth.

Records of the de Stavelegh family’s tenure as Lords of the Manor of Staley begin in the early 13th century. They lived in Staley Hall.

Hotels in Stalybridge

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Address: 31 Willow Wood Close, Stalybridge, OL6 6RA, United Kingdom

  1. Luxury City Centre Home

Address: Lord Street, Stalybridge, United Kingdom

  1. The Wheel House

Address: Stalybridge, SK15 2HB, United Kingdom