Hyde – United Kingdom

  • 22 Market St, Hollingworth, Hyde SK14 8LN
  • 40 Market St, Hyde SK14 1AH
  • 43 Clarendon Pl, Hyde SK14 2ND
  • 137 Market St, Hyde SK14 1HG
  • 276 Stockport Rd, Gee Cross, Hyde SK14 5RF
  • 21 Market St, Hyde SK14 2AD
  • 180 Market St, Hyde SK14 1EX


About Hyde

In 2011, there were 34,003 people living in the town of Hyde in Tameside, Greater Manchester, England.

Located eight kilometers northeast of Stockport, ten kilometers west of Glossop, and eleven and a half kilometers east of Manchester, this town has a long history and is located in the county of Cheshire.

The origins of Newton Hall can be traced back to the thirteenth century. St. Mary’s Parish in Stockport incorporated the territory into a township. The term “hide” (3rd syllable) comes from the Hide, a unit of land area used in England for taxation purposes and roughly equivalent to the amount of land required to sustain a peasant household. Later, it was determined that it was equal to 120 acres¬† (49 ha). Red Pump Street, the area that would eventually become the heart of town, was little more than a collection of homes in the late 18th century. In contrast to the smaller town of Hyde, where the name was used to describe the land surrounding Hyde Hall on the Tame, Gee Cross was a sizable settlement in its own right. In 1801, the neighborhood was home to a meager 3,500 people. The city was founded in the 19th century, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution.

The parishes of Hyde, Godley, and Newton, as well as a portion of Compstall, were amalgamated into the borough of Hyde, Cheshire, in 1881. Tintwistle Rural District’s civil parish of Hattersley and a portion of the civil parish of Matley were annexed by the borough in 1936, expanding the city proper. In 1974, under the provisions of the Local Government Act of 1972, the entire municipal borough was incorporated into the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, Greater Manchester.

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Address: Captain Clarke Rd, Dukinfield, Hyde SK14 4QG, United Kingdom

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