Mauchline – United Kingdom

  • 35 Main St, Sorn, Mauchline KA5 6HU
  • 16 St Germain St, Catrine, Mauchline KA5 6RH
  • 18 Earl Grey St, Mauchline KA5 5AD
  • 67 Sorn St, Catrine, Mauchline KA5 6LT
  • 57 Loudoun St, Mauchline KA5 5BE
  • 4 Loudoun St, Mauchline KA5 5BU
  • 13 Kilmarnock Rd, Mauchline KA5 5DF
  • 33 Loudoun St, Mauchline KA5 5BE



Mauchline is a small town located in East Ayrshire, Scotland, known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful countryside. The town is situated approximately 10 miles east of Ayr and 30 miles southwest of Glasgow, making it an easily accessible destination for visitors to the region.

Mauchline is perhaps most famous as the home of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, who lived in the town for several years in the late 18th century. Many of Burns’ poems and songs were inspired by the people and places of Mauchline, and visitors can explore several sites associated with the poet, including his former home and the Burns Monument and Gardens.

In addition to its literary heritage, Mauchline is also known for its beautiful architecture, with several historic buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The town is surrounded by stunning countryside, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, cycling, and fishing.

Mauchline is also home to several shops, cafes, and restaurants, offering visitors plenty of opportunities to sample local cuisine and shop for unique souvenirs. The town hosts several cultural events throughout the year, including the Mauchline Holy Fair, which celebrates the town’s religious heritage, and the Burns Supper, which honors the life and work of Robert Burns.

Overall, Mauchline is a charming and historic town with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of attractions and amenities for visitors to enjoy.

Hotels in Mauchline

As Mauchline is a small town, there are not many hotels in the immediate area. However, there are a few options available in nearby towns and cities:

  1. Old Loans Inn – 31-33 Main St, Loans, Troon KA10 7EX (located approximately 8 miles from Mauchline)
  2. Fairfield House Hotel – 12 Fairfield Rd, Ayr KA7 2AS (located approximately 10 miles from Mauchline)
  3. Lochgreen House Hotel – Monktonhill Rd, Southwood, Troon KA10 7EN (located approximately 11 miles from Mauchline)
  4. Enterkine House Hotel – By Annbank, Ayr KA6 5AL (located approximately 12 miles from Mauchline)
  5. Piersland House Hotel – Craigend Rd, Troon KA10 6HD (located approximately 12 miles from Mauchline)
  6. Western House Hotel – Craigie Rd, Ayr KA8 0JE (located approximately 13 miles from Mauchline)
  7. Mercure Ayr Hotel – Dalblair Rd, Ayr KA7 1UG (located approximately 13 miles from Mauchline)
  8. The Marine Hotel – Crosbie Rd, Troon KA10 6HE (located approximately 14 miles from Mauchline)
  9. Trump Turnberry, A Luxury Collection Resort – Maidens Rd, Turnberry, Girvan KA26 9LT (located approximately 26 miles from Mauchline)
  10. Lochside House Hotel & Spa – New Cumnock, Cumnock KA18 4PN (located approximately 20 miles from Mauchline)