Lanark – United Kingdom

  • 3 High St, Lanark ML11 7LU
  • 20 Wide Cl, Lanark ML11 7LX
  • 1 Hope St, Lanark ML11 7LZ
  • 18 Broomgate, Lanark ML11 9EE
  • 73 Strathaven Rd, Kirkmuirhill, Lanark ML11 9RW
  • 50 Main St, Forth, Lanark ML11 8BS
  • 31 Smyllum Rd, Lanark ML11 7BZ
  • 121 High St, Lanark ML11 7LN
  • 12 Wellgate, Lanark ML11 9DT
  • 121 High St, Lanark ML11
  • 95 Coalburn Rd, Coalburn, Lanark ML11 0LS
  • 78 High St, Lanark ML11 7ES
  • 71 Wellgate, Lanark ML11 9DS
  • 56 High St, Lanark ML11 7ES
  • 10 St Leonard St, Lanark ML11 7AB
  • 47 Thornton Rd, Kirkmuirhill, Lanark ML11 9QE
  • 53 Wellgate, Lanark ML11 9DS
  • 45 High St, Lanark ML11 7LU


About Lanark

The town of Lanark sits in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, around 20 kilometers south-east of Hamilton. Located where the Clyde and Mouse Water meet is this small settlement. The town’s population in 2016 was at 9,050.

Both the train and bus stations in Lanark provide frequent service to Glasgow. Lanark lacks significant economic activity, therefore many of its citizens must go to other cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh in order to find gainful employment. The villagers and farmers in the area frequent its stores. On the outskirts of town, there is a huge, up-to-date auction market for animals.

The name of the city is thought to have been taken from the Cumbric word lanerc, which meant “clear place, glade.”

Since the Middle Ages, when King David I designated it as a royal burgh and granted it special trading rights, Lanark has been a bustling marketplace. David I. realized that promoting trade could lead to greater wealth. He came up with the plan to build a series of new cities all around Scotland. They would serve as Norman cultural hubs in an otherwise Celtic realm, and they would be set up to promote regional trade. These brand-new settlements were to be called Burghs. Similar motivations inspired the development of bastides in France

Hotels in Lanark

  1. New Lanark Mill hotel

Address: Mill No.1, New Lanark Mills, New Lanark Rd, Lanark ML11 9DB, United Kingdom

  1. Village Inn

Address: 89 Lanark Rd, Carstairs, Lanark ML11 8QQ, United Kingdom

  1. Waterhouses Cottage

Address: Lanark ML11 9DB, United Kingdom

  1. Robertson Arms hotel

Address: 12 Main St, Carnwath, Lanark ML11 8JZ, United Kingdom

  1. Station house

Address: Kirkfieldbank Rd, Lanark ML11 9TL, United Kingdom

  1. Rosemount Boutique B&B

Address: Rosemount, 14-16, West Port, Lanark ML11 9HD, United Kingdom

  1. Delves Park house

Address: 4A Delves Rd, Lanark ML11 9DU, United Kingdom

  1. Westport B&B

Address: 5 West Port, Lanark ML11 9HD, United Kingdom