Ilkeston – United Kingdom

  • 193 Awsworth Rd, Ilkeston DE7 8HX
  • 5 Mundy St, Ilkeston DE7 8DH
  • 7 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5RF
  • 2 Pelham St, Ilkeston DE7 8AR
  • 96 Station Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5LL
  • 66 Bath St, Ilkeston DE7 8AJ
  • 3 Pelham St, Ilkeston DE7 8AR
  • 151 Awsworth Rd, Ilkeston DE7 8JF
  • 15 Station St, Ilkeston DE7 5TE
  • 118 Bath St, Ilkeston DE7 8FF
  • 45 Granby St, Ilkeston DE7 8HN
  • 72 South St, Ilkeston DE7 5QJ
  • 169 Park Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5DN
  • 137 Cotmanhay Rd, Ilkeston DE7 8NZ
  • 23 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5NN
  • 230 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5AJ
  • 19 Granby St, Ilkeston DE7 8HN
  • 387 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5BB
  • 9 Bath St, Ilkeston DE7 8AH
  • 2 Belper Rd, Stanley Common, Ilkeston DE7 6FP
  • 159 Bath St, Ilkeston DE7 8AS
  • 338 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5BD
  • 3 Park Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5DA
  • 18 Granby St, Ilkeston DE7 8HN
  • 54 Market St, Ilkeston DE7 5RB
  • 184 Bath St, Ilkeston DE7 8FH
  • 138 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5NW
  • 28 South St, Ilkeston DE7 5QE
  • 53 Market St, Ilkeston DE7 5RB
  • 34 Bristol Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5HD
  • 36 Queen Elizabeth Way, Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston DE7 4NU
  • 43 South St, Ilkeston DE7 5QT
  • 107 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston DE7 5NN
  • 276 Cotmanhay Rd, Ilkeston DE7 8NE


About Ilkeston

Located on the river that gives the Borough of Erewash its name, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, has a population of 38,640 as of the 2011 census. Coal mining, iron production, and lace making/textiles are no longer significant economic drivers there.

The town is conveniently located close to the M1 motorway, the county boundary with Nottinghamshire, and the cities of Derby and Nottingham. Within the Nottingham Metropolitan Area, Ilkeston lies barely two miles from the city’s western border to the east.

Elch or Elcha, an Anglian lord, is credited with founding Ilkeston in the sixth century AD; the town was formerly known as “Elka’s Tun” (Elka’s Town). In 1086, when Gilbert de Ghent was the primary owner, the town was listed as Tilchestune in the Domesday Book. Besides these three towns, Gilbert also ruled over Shipley, West Hallam, and Stanton by Dale. In 1887, Ilkeston was elevated to the status of borough by order of Queen Victoria.

The East Midlands English dialect is widely spoken in several areas, including Ilkeston. In this vernacular, Ilkeston is spelled “Ilson.”  This name is typically spoken with three syllables, as Ilkisstun, and not as Ilk’s tun.

On the outskirts of Ilkeston, on the site of the former Woodside Colliery, next to Shipley Country Park, stood the massive theme park The American Adventure, which shut down in 2007.

Hotels in Ilkeston

  1. Durham Ox

Address: Durham St, Ilkeston DE7 8FQ, United Kingdom

  1. Adrianne Bed & Breakfast

Address:  6 Nesfield Rd, Ilkeston DE7 8AY, United Kingdom

Universities in Ilkeston

  1. Derby College Iikeston

Address: 2 Pimlico, Ilkeston DE7 5JS, United Kingdom

  1. YMCA Key College

Address: Rosscarberry House, 4 Coronation St, Ilkeston DE7 5QH, United Kingdom