Gillingham – United Kingdom

  • 84 Watling St, Gillingham ME7 2YS
  • 4 High St, Gillingham ME7 1BB
  • 11 Canterbury St, Gillingham ME7 5TP
  • 13 Station Rd, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 7RS
  • 333 Lower Rainham Rd, Rainham, Gillingham ME7 2XH


About Gillingham

The English town of Gillingham (/dlm/ (listen) JIL-ing-m) is located in the Medway UA, which is part of the ceremonial county of Kent. With its neighbors, Chatham, Rochester, Strood, and Rainham, this area is considered a conurbation. The town of Medway is the largest in the Medway Borough.

Gillingham, Norfolk and Gillingham, Dorset use a hard “g” (as in “girl”) for the first letter of their names, however the residents of Gillingham, Suffolk use a soft “g” (as in “ginger”) for the first letter of their names. The name “Jillingham Water” appears in some ancient works. Gylling naes in Jutland are a likely etymological ancestor for this name. [a] The ethnonym for the Ingaevones is inge, and the Latinization of this word is the suffix -ingas. [b] ‘Ham’ is an Old English suffix meaning ‘homestead, village, manor, or estate. Enclosure, land bordered by water or marsh or higher ground, land in a river bend, river­meadow, or promontory; these are all examples of what the Old English suffix -hamm means. Both forms of the word end in -ham in today’s geographical nomenclature. Non-historical origin stories include those that attribute the name Gilla to an actual person.

Along the route that ran from Brompton on the great lines (military barracks) to the train station, the settlement expanded. Therefore, the progression was linear. The road that runs along the coast and connects The Strand with the tiny town of Gillingham Green was not far away. Later, settlements sprung up along the highway that connected Chatham and Dover: Watling Street. Gillingham is the result of the amalgamation of several smaller settlements.

Hotels in Gillingham

  1. Premier Inn Gillingham Business Hotel

Address: Will Adams Way, Gillingham ME8 6BY, UK

  1. King Charles Hotel

Address: Brompton Rd, Gillingham ME7 5QT,

  1. Premier Inn Chatham

Address: Blake Ave, Gillingham ME7 1GB, UK

Universities in Gillingham

  1. University of Greenwich

Address: Central Ave, Gillingham, Chatham ME4 4TB, UK

  1. Midkent College, Gillingham

Address: Medway Rd, Gillingham ME7 1FN, UK