Coatbridge – United Kingdom

  • 16 Academy St, Coatbridge ML5 3AU
  • 293 Bank St, Coatbridge ML5 1EG
  • 132 Bank St, Coatbridge ML5 1ET
  • 109 Sunnyside Rd, Coatbridge ML5 3HR
  • 23 Coatbank St, Coatbridge ML5 3SP
  • 25 Sunnyside Rd, Coatbridge ML5 3DG
  • 86 Main St, Coatbridge ML5 3BQ
  • 290 Main St, Coatbridge ML5 3RS
  • 68 Whifflet St, Coatbridge ML5 4EJ
  • 181 Main St, Coatbridge ML5 3HH
  • 23 Main St, Coatbridge ML5 3AJ
  • 10 Mitchell St, Coatbridge ML5 5RT
  • 8 Academy St, Coatbridge ML5 3AU
  • 295 E Muiryhall St, Coatbridge ML5 3RZ
  • 134 Bank St, Coatbridge ML5 1ET
  • 45 Sikeside St, Coatbridge ML5 4PT
  • 73 Main St, Coatbridge ML5 3EH
  • 28 Dunbeth Ave, Coatbridge ML5 3JD
  • 68 Leven Rd, Coatbridge ML5 2LT
  • 157 Calder St, Coatbridge ML5 4QN
  • 6 Russell Colt St, Coatbridge ML5 2BN
  • 32 Whifflet St, Coatbridge ML5 4EL
  • 15 Berwick St, Coatbridge ML5 4NH
  • 144 Main St, Coatbridge ML5 3RB
  • 110 Dundyvan Rd, Coatbridge ML5 1DE
  • 497 Main St, Coatbridge ML5 3RX


About Coatbridge

Located in the central Lowlands, the town of Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland lies just over 8 and a half miles (14 kilometers) east of Glasgow’s city center. Coatbridge, along with its neighbor Airdrie, makes up what is known as the Monklands (population around 90,000 including outlying settlements), which are commonly thought to be a part of the Greater Glasgow urban area, despite not being counted in official population figures since 2016 due to small gaps between the Monklands and the Glasgow built-up areas.

Coatbridge, a town established in the area, grew from a scattering of hamlets in the final decades of the 18th century. A key factor in the city’s expansion was the invention of the hot blast technique, which contributed greatly to the Industrial Revolution. Coatbridge was known as “the industrial core of Scotland” and the “Iron Burgh” in the 19th century, when it was a major hub for iron industries and coal mining in Scotland.

Coatbridge was also infamous for its extreme air pollution and industrial excesses. With the depletion of coal reserves in the 1920s, Coatbridge’s iron industry was already in steep decline. When the Great Depression hit, the Gartsherrie ironwork was the only one left in operation. Coal, iron, and steel have been “consigned to the heritage scrap heap,” as one journal has put it about present-day Coatbridge.

Hotels in Coatbridge

  1. The Georgian Hotel

Address: 26 Lefroy Street, Coatbridge ML5 1LZ Scotland

  1. The Grange Hotel

Address: The Grange Hotel 1-2 Mayfield Place, Coatbridge ML5 4SJ Scotland

  1. Mondo Hotel

Address: 146 Main Street, Coatbridge ML5 3BJ Scotland

Colleges and Universities in Coatbridge

  1. New College Lanarkshire, Coatbridge Campus

Address: Kildonan St, Coatbridge ML5 3LS, United Kingdom

  1. Coatbridge College

Address: 37 Laird St, Coatbridge ML5 3LY, United Kingdom

  1. Sage Centre

Address: 28 Sikeside St, Coatbridge ML5 4QH, United Kingdom