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About Wednesbury

Market town Wednesbury is in Sandwell, West Midlands, England. Close by is where the River Tame begins its journey downstream. The town has 37,817 residents in 2011, making it the most populous in the historic county of Staffordshire’s Hundred of Offlow.

To commemorate King George V’s coronation, the Wednesbury Clock Tower was constructed.

The 2008 excavations in St. Mary’s Road revealed the substantial remains of a large ditch that followed the contours of the hill and predated the Early Medieval period. This ditch is believed to be part of a hilltop enclosure and may be the Iron Age hillfort that has long been suspected to have been located there.

In an inscription on the back of the copy of Wulfric Spot’s will dated 1004, the name first appeared in print as Wodensbyri. One of the few English towns, Wednesbury (“Woden’s borough”), is named for a pre-Christian god.

Wednesbury was the site of two major conflicts during the Anglo-Saxon era, in 592 and 715. In 592, “a vast massacre” occurred, and “Ceawlin was driven out,” as recorded in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. As the second Bretwalda, or overlord of all of Britain, Ceawlin was a king of Wessex. In 715, Mercia (of which Wednesbury was a member) fought against the kingdom of Wessex.

Fortresses were built in Wednesbury by thelflaed (Ethelfleda), daughter of Alfred the Great and also known as the Lady of Mercia. She constructed five strongholds in Wednesbury’s immediate vicinity to protect the city against the Danes: at Bridgnorth, Tamworth, Stafford, and Warwick. Wednesbury’s fort would have had a stone base and a timber stockade to protect it. Fortifications like earthen walls and water-filled canals likely would have increased its strength. A plaque in the gardens between Ethelfleda Terrace and St. Bartholomew’s church explains that stone from the fort’s graff (or combat platform) was used to construct the gardens in the 1950s.

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