Wallsend – United Kingdom

  • 140 Tynemouth Rd, Wallsend NE28 0EA
  • 2 Dorset Ave, Wallsend NE28 8DX
  • 26 Bray Cl, Wallsend NE28 9RJ


About Wallsend

Wallsend is a town in North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear, England, located near the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall. A little over three and a half miles (5.5 km) east of Newcastle upon Tyne, this city is home to 43,842 people.

Site of the Roman fort of Segedunum. Hadrian’s Wall was guarded by this fort since it did not finish at the fort’s western wall but rather continued around its south-eastern corner all the way to the banks of the River Tyne. David Breeze states, “John Buddle the Younger, as a youngster swimming in the river in the early nineteenth century, had often observed the Wall foundations reaching far into the river,” referencing a statement made by historian Bruce.

Once the Romans left the Wall, the Picts invaded from the north, and then the Angles began making land and sea raids from their base around the mouth of the River Elbe. It’s likely that Wallsend was damaged when Ida the Saxon ravaged the northern half of England in 547.

Hotels in Wallsend

  1. Dorset Arms Hotel

Address: 2 Dorset Ave, Wallsend NE28 8DX, United Kingdom

  1. Manhattans Newcastle

Address: 85-87 High St W, Newcastle upon Tyne, Wallsend NE28 8JD, United Kingdom

Universities in Wallsend

  1. Tyne Metropolitan College

Address: Battle Hill Dr, Wallsend NE28 9NL, United Kingdom

  1. Queen Alexandra College

Address: Queen Alexandra Campus, Battle Hill Dr, Wallsend NE28 9NL, United Kingdom

  1. Tyne Met. Ignite

Address: Embleton Ave, Wallsend NE28 9NJ, United Kingdom

  1. Burnside College

Address: St Peter’s Rd, Wallsend NE28 7LQ, United Kingdom

  1. Engineering at TyneMet

Address: Battle Hill Drive, Wallsend NE28 9NL, United Kingdom

  1. Newcastle College Energy Academy

Address: Hadrian Rd, Wallsend NE28 6HH, United Kingdom

  1. Churchill Community College

Address: Churchill St, Wallsend NE28 7TN, United Kingdom