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About Fareham

Market town Fareham, in south-east Hampshire, England, is located between the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton. Fareham is the name of both the city and the municipality. Bricks made there were used to construct the Royal Albert Hall, and the area is also known for producing strawberries and other seasonal fruits. Shopping malls, local factories, HMS Collingwood, and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory are some of the places hiring right now in Fareham.

Evidence of Roman-era settlement was uncovered during archaeological digs in the region around the former Main Street and the church of St. Peter and Paul, which sits on a hill overlooking the Wallington Estuary. Due to the age of the buildings in this area, a thorough investigative program has not been feasible.

A portion of William’s army marched up from Fareham Creek before proceeding to Winchester, the Saxon capital of England, hence the town’s documented history dates back to the Norman era.

In the Domesday Book, the population was recorded as 90. Its original name was Ferneham, from which the name Ferneham Hall derives. The foundations of the Bishop of Winchester’s mills were buried beneath the A27 close to the railway viaduct at the ford of Fareham Creek (at the top of Portsmouth Harbour). The port saw continuing commercial activity into the 1970s, and some little commerce continues to this day. Fareham became a bustling marketplace by the turn of the twentieth century.

Hotels in Fareham

  1. Holiday Inn

Address: Cartwright Dr, Titchfield, Fareham PO15 5RJ, United Kingdom

  1. TravelRest Solent Gateway

Address: 22 The Avenue, Fareham PO14 1NS, United Kingdom

  1. Roundabout hotel

Address: 46 Wallington Shore Rd, Fareham PO16 8SB, United Kingdom

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Address: 51 High St, Fareham PO16 7BQ, United Kingdom

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Address: East St, Fareham PO16 0BP, United Kingdom

Universities in Fareham

  1. Fareham College

Address: Bishopsfield Rd, Fareham PO14 1NH, United Kingdom