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About Selkirk

City of Selkirk, Royal Burgh of Selkirk, Southeastern Scotland. Its location affords it a view of the River Tweed tributary Ettrick Water.

The locals have earned the nickname “Souters,” which derives from “cobblers” (shoe makers and menders). Selkirk had a population of 5,784 as of the 2011 census.

As the county seat of Selkirkshire, Selkirk once played an important role in county administration. As one of Scotland’s oldest Royal Burghs, Selkirk was established when people first began settling the area that would become the Scottish Borders. From the Old English sele (“hall” or “manor”) and cirice (“church”), the name of the town translates to “church near the hall” (“church”).

Under the reign of King David I, the first Borders monastery was established in Selkirk by a group of Tironensian monks who later relocated to Kelso Abbey. King David I of Scotland bestowed extensive lands upon Selkirk in 1113. When William Wallace was proclaimed protector of Scotland in 1297, it was at this town, in the Church o’ the Forest.

In 1513, Selkirk dispatched eighty men to the Battle of Flodden; however, only one man, “Fletcher,” returned from the fighting with a blood-splattered English flag belonging to the Macclesfield regiment.

The Royalist army of James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, was stationed in and around Selkirk during the series of battles known as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, with the cavalry stationed in the burgh and the infantry on the plain of Philiphaugh below the town .

Hotels in Selkirk

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Address:  3 – 5 High St, Selkirk TD7 4BZ, United Kingdom

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Address:  Yarrow Terrace, Selkirk TD7 5AS, United Kingdom

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Address:  7 Heatherlie Park, Selkirk TD7 5AL, United Kingdom

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Address:  Linglie Rd, Selkirk TD7 5LS, United Kingdom