Kelso – United Kingdom

  • 7 Bowmont St, Kelso TD5 7JH
  • 35 Horsemarket, Kelso TD5 7HE
  • 60 Horsemarket, Kelso TD5 7AE
  • 15 The Square, Kelso TD5 7HH


About Kelso

Kelso, or Kelsae in Scottish Gaelic, is a market town in Scotland’s southernmost region, the Scottish Borders. It is located inside the borders of the county of Roxburghshire, and is where the Tweed and Teviot rivers meet. With the 2010 definition of the area, the 2011 census indicates that 5,639 people call the town their home.

Kelso Abbey and Floors Castle, both now in ruins, are the town’s primary draws for tourists. Finished in 1726, the latter is a home designed by William Adam. John Rennie, who also designed the London Bridge, conceived of the Kelso Bridge.

From 1881 until 1982, Kelso had the coldest January temperature in the United Kingdom at 26.7 °C (16.1 °F).

Floors Castle in Kelso was used extensively as the setting for the fictional Greystoke House in the 1984 film Greystoke: The Tale of Tarzan, King of the Apes.

‘The Shepherd Lad of Kelso,’ a popular folk music ballad, and ‘The Old Lady of Kelso,’ a variant of the lyric Eggs and Marrowbone, both take place in the town of Kelso.

Hotels in Kelso

  1. Cross Keys Hotel

Address: 36-37, The Square, 40-41 The Square, Kelso TD5 7HL, United Kingdom

  1. Ednam House Hotel

Address: Bridge St, Kelso TD5 7HT, United Kingdom

  1. Queens Head Hotel

Address: 24 Bridge St, Kelso TD5 7JD, United Kingdom

  1. Black Swan Hotel

Address: 7 Horsemarket, Kelso TD5 7HE, United Kingdom

  1. Bellevue Guest House

Address:  Bowmont St, Kelso TD5 7DZ, United Kingdom

  1. Central Guest House

Address:  51 The Square, Kelso TD5 7HF, United Kingdom

  1. Old Priory

Address: 33/35 WoodMarket, Kelso TD5 7AT, United Kingdom

  1. Plough Hotel

Address: Main St, Town Yetholm, Kelso TD5 8PF, United Kingdom

  1. Inglestone House

Address: Abbey Row, Kelso TD5 7JF, United Kingdom

  1. Duncan House

Address:  Chalkheugh Terrace, Kelso TD5 7DX, United Kingdom