Worksop – United Kingdom

  • 9 New Rd, Firbeck, Worksop S81 8JY
  • 67 Central Ave, Worksop S80 1EW
  • 30 Park St, Worksop S80 1HF
  • 10 Newcastle Ave, Worksop S80 1EU
  • 27 & 28 The Priory Centre, Worksop S80 1JR
  • 24 Cheapside, Worksop S80 2JN
  • 331 Carlton Rd, Worksop S81 7LW
  • 5 Ryton St, Worksop S80 2AY


About Worksop

Market town Worksop is located in the Bassetlaw District of Nottinghamshire, England. It is situated 24 miles (39 kilometers) north of Nottingham, 15 miles (24 kilometers) north of Doncaster, and 15 miles (24 kilometers) south of Sheffield. It is on the River Ryton, not far from the northern edge of Sherwood Forest, and not far from Nottinghamshire’s borders with South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Besides Chesterfield and Gainsborough, Mansfield and Retford are also close by. In the Census of 2021, the population of the city was estimated at 44,733.

Worksop was a part of the Anglo-Saxon area known as Bernetseatte (burnt lands). The surname Worksop comes from the Old English elements we(o)rc, a given name, and hop, an element of Anglo-Saxon placenames (valley). The first piece is noteworthy because, despite the absence of the masculine form Weorc in historical records, Bede mentions a woman named Werca (Verca) in his account of the life of Saint Cuthbert. This identical element of a person’s name appears in a number of additional documented place names.

Hotels in Worksop

  1. Lion Hotel & Restaurant

Address: 112 Bridge St, Worksop S80 1HT, United Kingdom

  1. Station hotel

Address: Carlton Rd, Worksop S80 1PS, United Kingdom

  1. Travelodge

Address: A57 St. Anne’s Drive Dukeries Mill, Worksop S80 3QD, United Kingdom

  1. Lockkeeper worksop

Address: Sandy Ln, Worksop S80 1TJ, United Kingdom

  1. Ashley hotel, worksop

Address: Carlton Rd, Worksop S81 7JR, United Kingdom

  1. OYO Charmwood hotel

Address: A634, Blyth, Worksop S81 8HN, United Kingdom

  1. Muthu Clumber Park Hotel & Spa

Address: Blyth Rd, Worksop S80 3PA, United Kingdom

  1. Acorn lodge

Address:  85 Potter St, Worksop S80 2HL, United Kingdom

  1. 42 Beaumont Rise B&B

Address: 42 Beaumont Rise, Worksop S80 1YG, United Kingdom

  1. Fourways hotel

Address: High St, Blyth, Worksop S81 8EW, United Kingdom

Universities in Worksop

  1. North Nott College

Address: Carlton Rd, Worksop S81 7HP, UK