Todmorden – United Kingdom

  • 786 Rochdale Rd, Walsden, Todmorden OL14 7UA
  • 29 Rochdale Rd, Todmorden OL14 7LA
  • 1 White Hart Fold, Todmorden OL14 7BD


About Todmorden

Todmorden is located in West Yorkshire, England. Located in the Upper Calder Valley of Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England, is a market town and civil parish. It is located 8 miles (13 km) south-east of Burnley, 9 miles (14 km) west of Halifax, and 17 miles (27 km) north-east of Manchester. An estimated 15,481 people called it home in 2011.

Todmorden is situated at the meeting point of three narrow valleys in the Pennines, and the area around it is characterized by moors dotted with sandblasted gritstone outcrops.

The River Calder and its offshoot, Walsden Water, pass through the center of town, marking the traditional border between the English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. At the passage of the Local Government Act in 1888, the entire municipality fell under the jurisdiction of the West Riding.

In 1641, the town of Todmorden was first mentioned. Past names for the community included Tottemerden, Totmardene, Totmereden, and Totmerden. Totta’s boundary-valley is the most likely inspiration for the name, as it refers to a valley that can be found to the north-west of the town. Some have speculated that the name is derived from the Old English for “marshy cave of the fox,” while others have suggested that it means “death-death-wood” (from the terms “death” and “mort”), both of which are possible. Deanery of the Moor of the Foxes may have originated from the combining of two words: “tod” (the Saxon word for fox) and “moor” (a common toponym termination). Perhaps the malapropism Todmorden stems from this most recent instance.

Hotels in Todmorden

  1. Queens Hotel

Address:  Rise Ln, Todmorden OL14 7AA, United Kingdom

  1. Staff of Life Inn

Address: 550 Burnley Rd, Todmorden OL14 8JF, United Kingdom

College in Todmorden

  1. Distance Learning Centre

Address: Darwin House, 44 Rochdale Rd, Todmorden OL14 7LD, United Kingdom