Renfrew – United Kingdom

  • 65 Ferry Rd, Renfrew PA4 8SH
  • 63 Hairst St, Renfrew PA4 8QU
  • 12 Brownsfield Holding, Barnsford Rd, Inchinnan, Renfrew PA4 9LZ
  • 4 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8LT
  • 5 Wright St, Paisley, Renfrew PA4 8BJ
  • 132 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8DA
  • 43 High St, Renfrew PA4 8QL
  • 19 Inchinnan Rd, Renfrew PA4 8LS
  • 182 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8DR
  • 1 Clyde St, Renfrew PA4 8SL
  • 174 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8DS
  • 47 Ferry Rd, Renfrew PA4 8SB
  • 101 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8LH
  • 158 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8XU
  • 6 Cartside Ave, Inchinnan, Renfrew PA4 9RX
  • 52 Hairst St, Renfrew PA4 8QY
  • 43 Hairst St, Renfrew PA4 8QU
  • 8 Fulbar St, Renfrew PA4 8PE
  • 158 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8XU
  • 1 Inchinnan Rd, Renfrew PA4 8LS
  • 56 Hairst St, Renfrew PA4 8QY
  • 108 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8HE
  • 62 Hairst St, Renfrew PA4 8QY
  • 169 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8XB



To the west of Glasgow in the central Lowlands of Scotland is the town of Renfrew, a distance of around 10 kilometers. Renfrewshire’s historic county seat. For its early association with Scotland’s former royal house, the Stewarts, Renfrew has been dubbed the “Cradle of the Royal Stewarts.” The town was officially recognized as a royal burgh in 1397.

At one time, Renfrew served as the county seat and was the administrative hub for the surrounding area. Notwithstanding the county’s continued moniker, “Renfrewshire,” the county seat has moved from Renfrew to its more populous neighbor, Paisley.

With the reorganization of 1996, Renfrewshire was split into three modern council areas: Renfrewshire, which includes Renfrew but has much smaller boundaries than the old county, and has its administrative center in Paisley; Inverclyde, which includes the western part of the county and has its center in Greenock; and East Renfrewshire, which has its center in Giffnock. For several symbolic and administrative reasons, the original Renfrew County limits have been preserved.

In the past, Renfrew Castle served as the seat of the House of Stewart. In 1164, the Scottish crown defeated Somerled, Lord of the Isles, in a decisive battle at the nearby town of Renfrew. As a result of the battle’s significance to the British monarchy, the heir to the throne (now Prince William, Duke of Rothesay) is known as Baron Renfrew and Lord of the Isles.

Shipbuilding, thanks to Renfrew’s proximity to the Clyde and Cart rivers, and engineering are two of the city’s oldest professions. Braehead, a local shopping and entertainment complex that opened in 1999, contributed to the town’s growth along the River Renfrew, although today the service industry is the main economic driver there.

Hotels in Renfrew

  1. Glynhill Hotel & Spa

Address: 169 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8XB, United Kingdom

  1. Mar Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa Resort

Address: Earl of Mar Estate, Mar Hall Ave, Bishopton PA7 5NW, United Kingdom

Colleges and Universities in Renfrew

  1. Reid Kerr College

Address: Renfrew Road, PA3 4DR, Paisley, Renfrewshire

  1. James Watt College

Address: Customhouse Way, PA15 1EN, Greenock, Renfrewshire

  1. James Watt College

Address: Finnart Street, PA16 8HF, Greenock, Renfrewshire