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About Felixstowe

Located in the county of Suffolk in eastern England, Felixstowe is a major port. In 2017, the population was projected to be 24,521. Among British ports, the Port of Felixstowe handles more cargo containers than any other.  Located around 72 miles (116 kilometers) northeast of London, Felixstowe is easily accessible.

The origin of the name Felixstowe is the subject of much debate. One theory suggests that Felix of Burgundy, a saint and the first bishop of the East Angles in the seventh century, is the inspiration for the town’s name. However, the name Felixstowe isn’t first documented until approximately 900 years later, making this a highly improbable origin story. Most likely is that it derives from the Anglo-Saxon or Old English name Filicia and the element stw, which means “a place.” Basically, Filicia’s place. Names like “Filchestou” from 1254 and “Filchestowe” from 1291 lend credence to this theory. It’s conceivable that Felix of Burgundy was in mind when the name Filicia was reworked into Filche.

Predating the Norman invasion of England by centuries, the old Felixstowe village was centered on a bar and church. The early history of Felixstowe, with its Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and medieval defences, is recorded under the name of Walton, because the name Felixstowe was given retrospectively, during the 13th century, to a place which had expanded to a shape beyond the confines of Walton alone.

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College in Felixstowe

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Address: Maybush Ln, Felixstowe IP11 7NA, United Kingdom