Bridlington – United Kingdom

  • 33 Hilderthorpe Rd, Hilderthorpe, Bridlington YO15 3AZ
  • 30 High St, Bempton, Bridlington YO15 1HB
  • 91 High St, Bridlington YO16 4PN
  • 12 Regent Terrace, Bridlington YO15 2PD
  • 4 Chapel St, Flamborough, Bridlington YO15 1LH
  • 29 Quay Rd, Bridlington YO15 2AR
  • 25 Promenade, Bridlington YO15 2PY
  • 20 S Cliff Rd, Bridlington YO15 3AS
  • 20 Promenade, Bridlington YO15 2QD
  • 12 S Marine Dr, Bridlington YO15 3BZ



The town of Bridlington is located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea. Around 45 kilometers north of Hull and 34 miles east of York lies this location. In its harbor, the Gypsy Race sails out into the North Sea. The population of the parish was 35,369 as per the 2011 Census.

It is the largest lobster port in Europe, with over 300 tonnes of the crustaceans landed there annually, and is thus well-known as a sea-fishing port for shellfish. The “Lobster Capitol of Europe” is how it has been dubbed. It relies heavily on the summer tourist trade, in addition to its thriving manufacturing, retail, and service sectors. Home to one of the United Kingdom’s coastal weather stations. Church of St. Mary, Priory, and Bayle (or gate) are both Grade I-listed structures located at the former site of an Augustine Priory.

Many claim that the area around Bridlington, England has the highest rate of coastline erosion in all of Europe. Whereas the southern part of the coast flattens out, the northern part is steep and exceedingly fine, culminating in the huge eastward protrusion of Flamborough Head. A sea wall and a broad beach with sand-trapping wooden groynes protect the shoreline. The Smithic Sands sandbank, located offshore, extends into the bay and serves as a critical habitat for a wide variety of marine life. Both the north and south beaches of Bridlington have been recognized by the European Union for their exemplary environmental quality.

Hotels in Bridlington

  1. The Brunswick Hotel

Address: 13 Manor St, Bridlington YO15 2SA, United Kingdom

  1. Lobster Pot Bridlington by Marston’s Inns

Address: 184 Kingsgate, Bridlington YO15 3NG, United Kingdom

  1. Premier Inn Bridlington Seafront hotel

Address: Albion Terrace, Bridlington YO15 2PJ, United Kingdom

  1. Expanse Bridlington Seafront Hotel

Address: N Marine Dr, Bridlington YO15 2LS, United Kingdom

  1. The Royal Bridlington

Address: 1 Shaftesbury Rd, Bridlington YO15 3NP, United Kingdom

Colleges and Universities in Bridlington

  1. Yorkshire Coast College

Address: John Street, Filey YO14 9DW, United Kingdom

  1. East Riding College

Address: Marys Walk, Bridlington YO16 7JW, United Kingdom