Bathgate – United Kingdom

  • 154 W Main St, Whitburn, Bathgate EH47 0QR
  • 6 North Bridge St, Bathgate EH48 4PS
  • 7 The Sq, Torphichen, Bathgate EH48 4LY
  • 2 South Bridge St, Bathgate EH48 1TJ
  • 4 Mid St, Bathgate EH48 1PR
  • 109 W Main St, Armadale, Bathgate EH48 3JA
  • 24 South Bridge St, Bathgate EH48 1TL
  • 5 E Main St, Whitburn, Bathgate EH47 0RF
  • 2 W Main St, Blackburn, Bathgate EH47 7LP
  • 184 S Mid St, Bathgate EH48 1DY
  • 60 George St, Bathgate EH48 1PD
  • 45 North Bridge St, Bathgate EH48 4PL
  • 3 Bloomfield Place, Bathgate EH48 1PB
  • 34 W Main St, Armadale, Bathgate EH48
  • 20 E Main St, Whitburn, Bathgate EH47 0RB
  • 29 Elizabeth Dr, Bathgate EH48 1SJ
  • 8 King St, Bathgate EH48 1AX
  • 7 George St, Bathgate EH48 1PA
  • 128 W Main St, Whitburn, Bathgate EH47 0QR
  • 8 South St, Armadale, Bathgate EH48 3ER


About Bathgate

A town in West Lothian, Scotland, Bathgate Scottish Gaelic: Both Chèit)  is located about five miles west of Livingston and right next to the M8 highway. Armadale, Blackburn, Linlithgow, Livingston, West Calder, and Whitburn are some of the nearby towns. Bathgate is the world’s oldest known reptile fossil, and it is located just three kilometers (two miles) south of the ancient Neolithic burial site at Cairnpapple Hill. A minor village, Bathgate had a church at Kirkton and a castle south of the modern-day town center by the 12th century. Although mining operations in the area had begun in the 17th century, the town had remained relatively modest until the advent of the industrial revolution. By the Victorian era, Bathgate had become an important industrial and mining hub, particularly in the coal and shale oil sectors. During the early 20th century, the town’s economy shifted from mining and heavy industry to manufacturing, primarily in the automotive and electronics sectors. However, much of this manufacturing activity ceased by the late 20th century. Today, Bathgate is an important regional commuter town in the center of Scotland, and the second largest town in West Lothian after Livingston.

In the past, Bathgate served as an important manufacturing center. Bathgate was once home to both the Menzies’ Foundry (which was destroyed during the construction of the railway link) and British Leyland. Bathgate North and Bathgate South were its two railroad stops. From its current location on Easton Road, the station was formerly accessible by a connection along Menzies Road, which ran behind one side of Mill Road. Used in foundries and coal mines.

Hotels in Bathgate

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